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Monster Vocab

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Giới thiệu Game:
This is a game for practicing simple vocabulary words in English. You listen to the audio and then click on the correct word or image. The aim of the game is to practice interacting with English words for simple everyday use. The images used in the game convey meaning and context. Through the interactions, this meaning is paired with text and audio to facilitate learning and reinforcement.

Hướng dẫn chơi Game:
Before the game starts, you are presented with the 10 items that will be used in the game. On this screen you can review and familiarize yourself with the target language and then when ready, then you can click on start to begin. There are three parts to the game. In the first part, you simply listen or read the words and then click on the matching image. In the second part, you drag the images to match the target words. Then in the third part, you have to look and the image and click on the matching word. If you make a mistake at any time, the game ends and you are shown the error. From this screen, you can click on 'retry' to have another go, or you can click on the arrow button to return to the preview screen and once again review the items. Once you complete all three parts without making any mistakes, the game ends and you are shown a summary. There are 31 different sets of content that can be used in this game. A set of content is automatically selected for you, but if you would like to pick a set to use, then you can click 'choose' at the first screen. Each set of content has between 10 and 35 different items, but only 10 are used at one time. These 10 are chosen at random and if you replay the same set of content, you will likely get different items. The reason for only using 10 items is that students may be unfamiliar with a lot of the vocabulary. Showing more than 10 potentially new words to students would be too many to pick up at once.

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