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Jobs Game

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Giới thiệu Game:
This is a game for learning English jobs vocabulary and language. The target language is the job titles and a one line description of what a job does. The target audience is ESL learners who want to practice and review job related language.

Hướng dẫn chơi Game:
There are 3 parts to this game. The first part is a simple preview screen in which you view 8 job vocab images. You can move the mouse over each item to see the job title that matches each picture. And you can click on the images to hear the job title being spoken. This part also serves as the content selection screen - you can use the arrows to choose the set of 8 jobs that you would like to practice. The second part is a matching game in which you are presented with 8 images and 8 words. You have to move the images or words so that they match up correctly. In the 3rd part, you are shown an image silhouette and text options underneath. You have to look at the silhouette and try to guess which job it corresponds to. Once you guess correctly, you are presented with a different image which more clearly represents what the job does. Then you have to click on the text to make a basic sentence about the job. There are 104 jobs in total. These are all the possible jobs that I could think to represent visually. There is a little bit of overlap - for example, cleaner and janitor are quite similar. But, overall I think each job is quite well defined. The 104 jobs are divided into 13 groups of 8 according to difficulty. The easier, more common jobs at the start and the less common jobs towards the end. The last group is mostly types of engineer - I thought it best to group all the engineering jobs together so that they could be contrasted more easily. This is the full list of jobs used doctor, police officer, farmer, firefighter, driver, teacher, chef, hairdresser businessman, nurse, cleaner, athlete, lawyer, waiter, scientist, cashier singer, dentist, security guard, reporter, secretary, politician, pilot, tour guide artist, real estate agent, garbageman, construction worker, fisherman, lumberjack, delivery man, car salesman accountant, musician, soldier, clown, truck driver, fashion designer, computer technician, dishwasher vet, handyman, journalist, software developer, office worker, shop assistant, receptionist, mechanic architect, nanny, decorator, magician, baker, TV presenter, interpreter, bartender tailor, pharmacist, tutor, photographer, CEO, flight attendant, web developer, illustrator mailman, coach, florist, maid, barista, author, dancer, electrician therapist, model, window cleaner, coal miner, hotel manager, plumber, lifeguard, sailor travel agent, janitor, surgeon, gardener, personal trainer, baggage handler, masseuse, cameraman referee, astronaut, carpenter, paramedic, chauffeur, optician, translator, graphic designer, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, university lecturer, software engineer, civil engineer, chemical engineer, aerospace engineer, nuclear engineer This game took a lot of time and effort and so I hope you can make good use of it. You can contact me with any comments or feedback by using the contact form linked at the bottom of the page.

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